Holistic Experience World Citizenship Optimum Health Client Satisfaction

The Dance

The Light of the Partner empowers, energizes, elevates.
Through the Grace of the Partner, my humble body
Reflects the grace of timeless motion,
Reveling in the perfection of symmetry.

To music silent or inaudible, every cell
Resonates with the heartbeat of Infinity,
Soaring with the rhythm, becoming the rhythm.

Breathing the eternal flow of Creation
Embracing the boundless support of total space
Ecstatically whirling through blissful joy --
Reverently celebrating the myriad possibilities of movement.

Gratefully, I acknowledge the Partner.
Totally, I live the Dance.

-- Bonnie Stone (DJ Root's mom!)

Groove Paradise Mission

To create joyful, vibrant, memorable dance experiences.

To offer ways for groups to celebrate, explore, and connect.

To show how dance can be ecstatic, healthful, and meaningful.

To encourage people to feel radiant, whole, and alive while moving or dancing.

To design transformational soulful experiences integrating movement and self-reflection.

Holistic Experience

Groove Paradise values synaesthetic magic. We create a feast for the senses with sights, sounds, scents, and textures leading to transformative and spiritual experiences. We value connecting as a group, making meaning, and sharing deeply in an atmosphere of openness, curiosity, and celebration.

World Citizenship

Groove Paradise values cross-cultural understanding. We love sharing music and dance from the world's rich cultural and spiritual traditions. We also support global disaster relief efforts, to make a real difference in the world. Our vision is a world where everyone can access joy, a true Paradise. We channel our celebratory energy into concrete global changes, moving us closer and closer to Peace on Earth.

Optimum Health

Groove Paradise values events that are nutritive and nourishing for body and soul. We specialize in substance-free, smoke- free, alcohol-free events and look for healthful alternatives. We create atmospheres that encourage vitality, natural euphoria, and life enhancement.

Client Satisfaction

Groove Paradise values timeliness, communication, accountability, flexibility and respect. As our client, you are our top priority. We bring you the benefit of our expertise, with more than 10 years in the business, and work with you to make your event meaningful, smooth, and fun.