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Production Team

Groove Paradise offers a growing roster of talented artists and designers who can add interactive magic to your event.

Audio: We provide experienced sound technicians, familiar with any size venue from stadiums to coffeehouses, with state-of-the-art audio equipment and design.
Video: VJ artistry, projection and compositing, synchronized real- time feeds, and as many POV cameras as you can handle. Additional videography, editing and post-production for future enjoyment of your event.
Atmospheres: Let our interior decorators, installation artists, and theatrical set designers transform your venue into a fantastic or exotic locale. Add more extravagance with mask-makers, face and body painters, or fortune-tellers.
Performers: Clowns, magicians, storytellers, comedians, live musicians, firedancers, bellydancers. As much of a circus as you can imagine.
Bodywork: Reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, acupressure, yoga, thai, swedish. A thoughtful touch to help your guests loosen up and get in the mood.
Catering: Sumptuous, decadent, tasty, healthful, fusion cuisine, tailored to your specifications. Special consideration for dietary concerns and colorful presentation.
Event Planning: With experience ranging from large outdoor festivals to intimate private gatherings, our event planners will take care of the details so that you can relax and enjoy your event.

  Dance Your Prayers Dance Rituals Contact Improvisation Authentic Movement JourneyDance™ Partner Dances Family Dances

We specialize in leading groups through the basics of these forms.

Dance Your Prayers: DJ Root's own special blend, a combination of led and unstructured form. Freedance with a spiritual focus, uniting themes, movement suggestions and dance rituals.

Dance rituals: Simple or complex, designed for many or few. Playful, profound, celebratory, transformative, wild, or quiet. Many evolved from world spiritual traditions. Buddhist walking meditation; Chinese qi gong cleansing; Indian sun salutation; Rabbinical blessing; Sufi whirling; Indigenous shamanic healing.

Contact improvisation: A partnered form based on sharing weight. Evolved from meditation, aikido, gymnastics, and physics. Involves emotional issues like self-image, disorientation, safety, trusting, and allowing. Involves physical techniques like releasing, activating, rolling, falling, and lofting. Learn more…

Authentic movement: A partnered form involving a witness and a mover. Used as a tool to access inner resources, to safely express embodied emotions, and to allow space for integration or transformation. Often accompanied by writing or drawing. Learn more…

JourneyDance™: A led form using guided imagery, movement suggestions, group choreography, and improvisation. Involves 13 essential qualities: attunement, embodiment, awakening, immersion, expansion, connection, empowerment, action, celebration, opening, manifestation, receiving, and bliss. Learn more&hellip

Partner dances: Classic partnered forms: salsa, merengue, cha-cha, swing, waltz, neo-tango.

Family dances: Group forms for all ages: locomotion, twist, conga line, bunny hop, hokey pokey, chicken dance, electric slide, macarena, cha-cha slide, cotton eyed joe.

Mobile disc jockey service available for

celebrations | weddings | anniversaries | mitzvahs | fundraisers | festivals | cruises | conferences | retreats | reunions

Groove Paradise's founder DJ Root brings with him over 10 years of experience, professional audio equipment, and over 3000 songs in his music library. With a broad spectrum of tastes, Root has music for all occasions, specializing in

global electronica | righteous funk | glorious praise | melt-in-your-mouth melodies

Root's discerning ear and attention to group energy gives him a remarkable sensitivity, enabling magical moments of inspiration and transformation through dance.

Groove Paradise includes a pool of other talented DJs, each with considerable experience, a broad range of music, and their own specialties. Attractive, courteous, timely, professional, and attentive, we can help you find the Groove Paradise DJ who best fits your event.

  DJ Training Inservices Ministerial Formation JourneyDance™ Training

Groove Paradise's Mission includes teaching others how to do what we do.

DJ training: DJ Root teaches that the art of the Disc Jockey is about spreading love, directing group energy, and feeling good! With more than 10 years of experience, Root reveals technical tips and tricks as well as the underlying fundamentals of selecting and sequencing good music.

Inservices: Bring DJ Root to your organization for educational, motivational, and uplifting trainings on how to make fantastic events. A 3-hour intensive has both an experiential and an analytical component, while the full 7-hour training adds time for coaching and review.

Ministerial Formation: DJ Root covers the guiding principles of leading a dance church, based on his own successful experience founding Dance Spirit in Northampton, MA. Movement as prayer, divine inspiration, uniting themes, sacred spaces, leading rituals. Some prior technical expertise necessary.

JourneyDance™ Teacher Training: Two weeks leading toward certification. Learn more…

Audio Services:

The Melting Point, contemporary global music.
DJ Root's radio show airing since 2003, heard Tuesdays 12-2pm ET on
91.1 FM WMUA Amherst, MA
Access sound archives of past shows.

The Bumpy Rumpus, funky breaks and groove euphoria.
DJ Root's new radio show to begin airing in 2007, heard on 91.1 FM
WMUA Amherst, MA


A pool of vocal talent from a community of performers with a diverse range of expertise.
Recent work in documentary film, radio, animated features, and children's storytelling.

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